Center for European Regional and Local Studies (University of Warsaw)
Malopolska School of Public Administration Cracow University of Economics
and Poland’s National School of Public Administration
are organizing a conference “Learning mechanics in public administration”.

During the conference Pracownia Gier will present possible applications of training games and simulations in public administration (27.06.2014 at 12:30 and 14:00). Pracownia will be represented by Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka and Igor Widawski, who will invite participants to test a new simulation called PARTY-tura, which is related to participation processes in public administration activities.


Possible applications of games and simulations will emerge while presenting practical solutions and tools to support organizational learning in everyday work. The presented practices have been successfully tested during the project “Learning Ministries”. Further possibilities of applying these practices In other departments of public administration will be discussed.

Participants will receive manuals to support the learning process in public institutions.


More on the idea of the conference and the learning project in ministries.

The year 2014, with its important anniversaries, challenges us to reflect on the way we modernize our country and how we can support the process by making better use of the potential of public organizations learning mechanics. During our 2-day conference we – public administration employees, academics and experts – are going to look for answers to some of the questions related to learning, drawing conclusions and improvement of public pro-development policies (from the organizers’ introduction).


About speakers from Pracownia Gier

File2Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka – training games and simulations expert, managing partner and co-founder of Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych. She has conducted over 1200 hours of interventions and trainings based on games. She specializes in the application of games and simulations in teambuilding processes, improvement of communication and implementation of cooperation rules based on trust and goal-oriented. She takes part in the creation of programs for public administration and education. Since 2010 Jagoda has been member of the international board of the International Simulations and Gaming Association (ISAGA).


foto-IgorIgor Widawski – sociology graduate, Igor has studied at the University of Warsaw and School of Business & Economics in Maastricht. Game designer and gamification fan. He has created tools for project management, negotiations, civic participation, sustainable energy, crisis management and export strategies. He designs on-line simulations as well as traditional board games.



The conference will be held at the seat of the National School of Public Administration, at Wawelska street 56, Warsaw.

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