Annual development program for leaders and their teams

Game Changers Academy

Game Changers Academy – a common project of Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych and The Heart. The goal of GCA is to support organization leaders in efficient introduction and implementation of change. It is a year-long program for managers who create instead of imitating and who are responsible to start doing things in a different, better and new manner. The Game Changers Academy project saw the light thanks to the combination of Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych over 15-year experience in the development of managers and organizations with The Heart‘s know-how in associating the world of start-ups with global corporations.

The collaboration of Pracownia Gier andThe Heart started in 2017. Since then we have organized several common projects – conferences – that gathered up to 200 participants. The success of our undertakings motivated us to develop the concept of a long-term project that would combine managers’ individual development program with trainings for teams responsible for the implementation of new solutions. This is how the idea of Game Changers Academy, was born – a year-long program for managers and their teams that meant to assist them in the implementation of digital transformation, initiating change and conducting innovative projects. It is 100%-based on practice, experience, simulations and know-how exchange of practitioners from Poland and abroad.

Under the brand of Game Changers Academy we have already completed a few open editions as well as in-house projects (project realized for one organization called GCA Essentials). What differentiates our project from other development programs such as MBA studies or series of trainings is the possibility to participate in the program with a team. There are several possibilities and depending on the option the leader can be accompanied by 1, 2 or 3 people. It enables them to establish common language and better understanding of challenges they have to face in the organization. Additionally the program includes meetings with mentors, who, before the program starts, help participants redefine their objectives and select people who should be included in the project in order to carry out the transformation successfully. Leaders taking part in the program receive a graduation certificate of Master of Business Change (MBC), which confirms they have acquired the most important competences within the field of challenges of contemporary organizations.

Social Innovators wanted! – Game Changers Academy for NGO’s

Additionally the organizers (Pracownia Gier and The Heart) found every year 2 scholarships for representatives of the non-profit sector. It enables a better exchange of know-how and experience among participants representing business, foundations and associations. One of our pro bono participants was Instytut Pomnik Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka. Representatives of IP CZD, both doctors and administration staff, took part in one edition of the program. Moreover, all participants worked together on the case of revitalization of Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka – a charity initiative which led to the establishment of KIDS Foundation (Club of Children Hospitals Innovators. Following the example  of American leadership programs whose efficiency is supported by charity projects, we have successfully implemented this new format in Poland.

To participate in Master of Business Change we invite leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who:

  • create, not imitate
  • do not like beaten and used paths
  • want to cross borders
  • have the courage to break the rules
  • dare to undermine the rules

The program is dedicated primarily to:

  • strategy, innovation and development directors
  • leaders of organizational changes and strategic projects
  • people responsible for digital transformation
  • managers responsible for HR and organizational culture
  • project managers

Leaders from large corporations from such industries as banking, pharmaceuticals and FMCG as well as representatives of the non-profit sector have participated in the program so far. Under the organizer’s sponsorship we have invited to participate in the program representatives from Stowarzyszenie „Na Tak”, Uniwersytet Dzieci Foundation, Sieć Przedsiębiorczych Kobiet Foundation and Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka. At a solemn inauguration event all the participants and experts met to attend the speech delivered by the special guest Cezary Smorszczewski – co-founder of Alior Bank.

You can learn more about the GCA individual development program at gamechangersacademy.eu

Game Changers Academy Experts

What distinguishes the leaders development program Game Changers Academy:

  • The structure of each module challenges the format of a traditional training.
  • It is a time-efficient, annual program that prepares leaders and their teams for digital transformation, to initiate change and perform innovative projects.
  • Individual development plan adapter to changes.
  • It encourages to overcome the status quo and break the rules.
  • Each workshop, activity and task are meant to develop genuine leadership in practice.
  • The program is 100% based on practice, Experience, simulations and exchange of know-how with practitioners from Poland and abroad.
  • It combines the best from MBA post-graduate studies and managerial trainings: Experience, know-how, insights, inspirations and practical tools.
  • After each meeting the participants receives a concrete and practical tool to be implemented in his/her work.
  • Master of Business Change offers the possibility for the leader and his/her team to take part in the program, which means that up to 10 people from one company can benefit from it!
GCA Essentials

Akademia dla Twojej firmy

GCA Essentials is a variant of the Academy implemented in 2019 after the success of two open GCA editions. The concept was created in response to the needs of organizations that are looking for new ways to develop the so-called Talents, HiPO, current and future leaders. It is a modular version, adapted each time to the specific business challenges of the company.

Are you interested in GCA Essentials for your company?