Power Expedition

Power Expedition is a dynamic game designed to give the team an opportunity to reflect- what is the team’s habitual way of acting, what are the reasons for the team’s success and what are the potential threats that can stand in the way of teamwork effectiveness.

The pretext for cooperation is the auction of the European Space Agency for a multi-module space shuttle. The participants play the roles of constructors who are set against an unusual task. They have to skillfully divide tasks, set responsibilities, manage knowledge and dispersed information to finally build a final structure that responds to the requirements of the auction.

Just like in life- they face unexpected changes on their way, overturning the existing arrangements and ways of acting. They recognize different skills among the team- who can organize chaos, who motivates others in situations of declining commitment, who is determined to pursue the goal with determination and who cares about satisfying conditions and good atmosphere.

An important part of the game is the final analysis and discussion – participants fill in each other ”boarding passes” with the feedback on what they brought to the team, in what situations they were particularly needed.


Duration: 1 hour (+ debriefing and workshop)
Number of players: 6-16 people

Game encourages individual and team reflection:

  • How do we find in a situation of information chaos
  • What are the individual and collective dominant reactions to change
  • What type of tasks are angaging for who
  • In what configurations our work is most effective
  • Working in what situations is the most challenging for us


  • Training for teams and managers in the use of Gallup’s talent theory in management
  • Team work during the change
  • Training in the subject of giving feedback
  • Analysis of the habitual ways of the team

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