On this day even the sternest manager becomes as gentle as a lamb!

Inevitably it’s almost the time when stores display Christmas decorations, children start to mention what toy they are dreaming to have and we become restless when seeing dirty window panes.

This year hasn’t been very generous for us so far and apparently hasn’t said the last word yet. Most probably we will not be able to meet our colleagues live at the company annual Christmas party. Thanks to Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych’s offer we can experience a Christmas adventure – collaborate, compete and tear ourselves from the everyday routine.
We’ll make the sternest manager become as gentle as a lamb on this day!

Proposal 1

Christmas version of The Collectors game

How often have you felt disappointed with a present that didn’t meet your expectations?

Let’s be frank – the older you are, the more often it happens. Santa Claus devotes a lot of time to children and often is out of time to take care of grown-ups. Socks and ties overflow your wardrobe? You have read all the possible manuals on how to be happy? An anti-wrinkle cream? For me? Seriously?! Additionally it’s so hard to get rid of it via allegro. Time for a change! You have now the opportunity to work in Santa’s workshop and correct those mistakes. The only condition is to turn yourself into an elf, but don’t worry – we’ll find you a good disguise.

Santa for Grown-ups is an engaging team activity in which participants are faced up with the challenge to make decisions under time pressure. The goal of each player is to gather the most valuable presents for his/her group of elves. The problem is that there are more such groups in the workshop and they have to compete for the presents that are of various values and appear in each round. Decisions must be made quickly. The score depends on the strategy that the team adopts in the game.Will they be careful enough in their analysis of the changing situation? How will they succeed in comparison with other teams?

The group meets on Zoom platform where the game is conducted. It is also necessary to access Mentimeter, using a smartphone.

One team consists of 6-10 people. It is possible to conduct the game for up to 10 teams simultaneously.

If you want to learn more, please contact us at 22 468 85 52 or biuro@pracowniagier.com

Proposal 2

Christmas version of Pixel game

Your graphic artist was working last night on the project of a Christmas card for your client to meet the deadline. It was meant as a summary of an important project managed by the Boss himself, the finishing touch and the last chord of a beautiful symphony. The card had to be presented the following morning during a solemn meeting of the top management from both companies.

It’s 3 a.m. and there are only a few small corrections to make and the project will be finished. The graphic artist, just before he clicked ‚send’, turned round and knocked over the cup of coffee (the seventh this night!). Coffee spilt on the laptop with the project. In the middle of the night you receive a phone call from your jittery colleague. It turns out that, fortunately, not everything is lost. Each of you has access to a part of the project and you can save your unfortunate colleague’s skin and your company reputation. If you collaborate in harmony, you will be able to recreate the design of the card. All hands to the pump!

Our proposal for this year’s company Cristmas party –
Design a Christmas card – is a group activity that illustrates collaboration in a team focused on a common goal. It is a combination of good fun and short communication and collaboration training. It is also a good opportunity to look at colleagues from a completely different perspective.

The team meets on an online platform and works on a shared board. Their task is to create together a card pattern basing on dispersed information provided to players individually.  One group consists of up to 12 people. It is possible to conduct the game for 3 groups simultaneously – each group in a different break-out room and debriefing for all the participants moderated by the trainer.


If you want to learn more, please contact us at 22 468 85 52 or biuro@pracowniagier.com

Proposal 3


We propose to conduct for you a special Christmas quiz. In a light and playful atmosphere we can verify participants’ knowledge on a chosen topic – the organization, their colleagues or any other chosen area. You can expect a touch of competition as at the end of a series of questions a winner is determined. The quiz is moderated by an experienced facilitator, in the spirit of Christmas.
The quiz is designed especially for your team – questions are prepared by our R&D team or the trainer with your help!

If you are interested in our offer for a Christams party 2020 or you want us to help you organize this year’s company meeting online – please contact our consultants individually or contact us at biuro@pracowniagier.com 🙂