Thanks to new studies in the field of learning and development we are now more aware of the elements that have to be taken into account when designing an efficient training program. A lot of intuitive assumptions have been confirmed. Researchers and practitioners state a few helpful guidelines:

  1. Moving the focus point from teaching by a trainer to participants’ learning
  2. Opening to emotional involvment
  3. Moving from individual learning to group learning and exchange of experience with others
  4. Enabling each participant to determine his/her own development goal and measure the progress in the process of achieving it
  5. Creative combination of practical actions with reflection and conclusions

We believe it is possible if the development process is based on the training method using games and simulations. We encourage you to learn some more about this method as we begin a series of open trainings with games and simulations.

November the 6th, Warsaw Apteka Sztuki Al. Wyzwolenia 3/5 (przy Placu Zbawiciela), 10.00-13.30

The complete training consists of 4 modules in which we observe and act in a situation of change on three levels – personal, team and organization. During our workshop we will take a closer look at change on the personal level. The module ‘Understanding change’ is based on the experience from the game Barnga.
The ‘Change Management’ training is addressed to managers. During our meeting participants will be able to see its applications and check its usefulness in the organization. One demonstration module will enable to verify how the games method works and get to know in practice the content of the workshop.