Knowledge Brokers

Participants of the workshop are divided into groups managing an evaluation unit in a region, where the marshal’s office begins a series of projects designed to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants and accelerate the development of the region. Their mission is to help decision-makers with expertise in implementing four different types of socio-economic projects. Each project is at a different stage of development and faces different challenges.Decision makers – the marshal and his officials – however, need substantive support. What to invest in? How to implement projects efficiently? What are the effects of completed projects? Why are the projects not working as expected? – these are questions that need urgent answers. The participants’ task is to acquire reliable, useful knowledge and reach decision-makers with it. The development of the region is at stake.

For who?

The educational game is addressed to public sector practitioners – employees of analytical and evaluation units, public project managers and people in public offices that deal with the collection, synthesis and use of data and analyzes from various areas of public activities.

Key skills

During the game-based workshop you will learn the five key skills of an effective knowledge broker in public policy-making. These are:

  • Understanding the knowledge needs of different policy actors – key politicians, senior civil servants and project managers
  • Acquiring credible knowledge by matching optimal research designs to the evaluation questions and types of interventions that need to be studied
  • Feeding knowledge effectively to users by choosing the dissemination methods preferred by different decision-making actors
  • Building an evidence-based foundation for public interventions by combining the results of different studies into a concise policy argument
  • Managing an evaluation unit with limited time and human resources


Duration: 6,5 hours
Number of players: up to 30 people

You want the Knowledge Brokers for your team?

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