Barnga - Different perspectives of understanding an organization

A simulation about the fact how a different perspective and approach to processes and situations can generate conflicts.
The game is a card contest. Participants experience communication challenges. Barnga lays a trap for participants – they subconsciously assume that they all play according to the same set of rules. The game is played in complete silence, which amplifies this assumption. Eventually, it turns out that it is impossible to solve any conflict without communication.



Setting rules


 Cultural differences


Change management


Duration: 2 hours (+ workshop)
Number of players: 9+

Benefits for the organization

Understanding that reality is dynamic and changeable and therefore acting according to one procedure obstructs the achievement of goals

Finding solutions to unexpected and potentially conflicting situations

Becoming aware of the interrelations between individual and common goals (it is impossible to achieve one’s own individual goals without cooperation and communication with others)

Recommended for

Talent development programs

Training programs for managers


pgs orlen michelin

Educational. The game helps look at problems from different perspectives.
Interesting and engaging and additionally it reveals the truth about communication and cooperation.
New, unknown, educational.
An active form of training which made me pay attention to obvious things we tend to forget in everyday work.
Interesting – it provides the opportunity to understand not only our own behaviors but the behaviors of others as well.

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