autoKOREKTA - game description

The game autoKOREKTA is a training of business flexibility and openness to change. It is a simulation of work in an organization whose success depends on: the ability to adapt to new situations, the openness to implement improvements and flexible cooperation within a team. It is also a simulation of the market situation which forces companies to continuously introduce changes requiring quick decisions and mindful adaptation.

During the game participants experience various aspects of change: individual as well as group, related to smaller or greater changes. In a short time they experience emotions which, thanks to the trainer’s debriefing, help them understand the needs related to change and shape their reactions and attitudes to change in a more conscious manner.

The game triggers discussion on the type of attitudes related to change that the organization needs in order to succeed on the market and outstrip the competition.

The autoKOREKTA won the award The Most Significant Scope in BEX International Business Learning Games Competition organized by Business Excellence Institute


Duration: 3 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)
Number of players: 6-16

Benefits for the organization

  • A training of adaptability and openness to change and continuous learning
  • Understanding that changes are a necessity resulting from the market dynamics
  • Engagement of people around planned changes
  • Familiarizing with the perspective of change and perceiving it as an opportunity for development and growth
  • Preparing to bear the psychological and social costs that technical and organizational changes usually cause


  • Kick-off of the change implementation process
  • Presentation of organization new development paths to teams
  • Teamwork in times of change
  • Implementation of innovations

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