A simulation about the influence of client relationship management on sales productivity.
In the game participants manage sales and marketing departments of competing companies. Their goal is to attain the highest possible profit by undertaking appropriate non-financial actions, such as:


getting to know clients’ preferences from various segments,
adapting offers to the preferences,
coordinating marketing and sales activities.


Eventually it becomes the key to increased sales.


Workshops on how to build organizational value based on income maximization,

Workshops addressed to sales and customer service departments,

Building marketing, sales and CRM strategies,

Assistance in CRM systems implementation process,

Integration meetings, including those addressed to business clients (e.g. distributors, representatives).


Duration: 3-4 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)

Number of players: 4+

Benefits for organization

Demonstrates how to maximize the margin,

Helps understand the product/service value,

Demonstrates the mechanisms to increase sales value,

Raises awareness about the role of building added value for clients,

Shows the benefits resulting from building relationships with clients,

Enables to experience the effects of implementing IT systems,

Teaches how to manage a client database.

Recommended for

Employer Branding activities,

Talent development programs in the organization,

Development programs for the management.

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