Proposals for 2021 already available!
Proposals for 2021 already available!
10 December 2020
The last 6 months have demonstrated how important the team spirit and precision of goals are. What’s more, understanding the innovative strategy of the organization who – in the face of pandemic-related challenges – had to change completely the way of functioning, turned out as an important fact...
NEW: The Best-seller Game-integration for sales teams
11 April 2018
We are pleased to introduce you to a brand-new game that is available in Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych since April- The Best-seller Game. The Best-seller game was created in response to the needs of clients who were bored with the current solutions dedicated to the sales teams. We decided to co...
Game Changers Academy - a new project from Pracownia Gier and The Heart
12 January 2018
Game Changers Academy was created by combining the know-how of Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych with the unique offer and space of The Heart. The successes of our joint events from 2017 motivated us to develop the concept of a long-term joint project. In August we organized an event during whi...
Professor Blikle in Pracownia Gier
28 April 2017
We're finishing up the Safari project – a game about a carrot, which was worked on in close cooperation with Andrzej Blikle, the author of the very interesting theory of dignity management, which was explained in detail in the book The Doctrine of Quality. The game SAFARI is, above all, about ma...
We are testing a new game with our clients from the Czech republic
12 April 2017
Our clients from the Czech republic have visited our office in Warsaw to test another tailor-made game that we are currently designing. The aim of the game is simple but challenging at the same time as the game is to popularize monuments in the border area both in Poland and the Czech republic. O...
The Tree of Life – the best event product!
27 March 2017
    Meeting Planner Power Awards is the first competition dedicated to the event industry and finding the best applications and practices in all of its sectors. The competition's aim is to compare the best events and projects connected to event marketing, showing places with particu...
A new game designed by Pracownia!
11 February 2017
Designers from Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych have finished another tailor-made game. It is exceptional for several reasons: the game was commissioned by a foundation supported by corporations; it addresses an important social issue – behavioural addictions and finally, it is dedicated to junior hi...
Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych in the World
29 December 2016
Not very long ago we shared the news with you about the title which one of our games received - autoKOREKTA. The award ceremony took place in Dublin, which caused us to begin thinking about where, up til now, outside of Poland we've lead workships based on educational games and simulations. It ...
First Business Rendez-vous after the holidays on September the 6th
30 August 2016
Since November 2015 we have been member of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce. We are very happy to have been invited to conduct a workshop during the first ‘Business Rendez-vous’ organized after the summer holidays. It is a core program organized every month – a Tuesday business meeting for e...
Workshop in CCIFP – The leader in change
4 August 2016
Together with the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, we invite you to the workshop "Leader in change" - a practical and interactive training for people who implement changes in organizations which require people's engagement in action in a new way and getting rid of old habits. The meeting will ...