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Our method

Our games and simulations are akin to flight simulators for business. We train people through interactive experiences so that they are able to sit behind the controls of their organization.

‘Would you fly in a plane with a pilot who has learned to fly from a PowerPoint presentation?’

How do we perceive our role? We are for organizations, what flight simulators are for airlines. Using flight simulators, crews acquire the essential skills and learn how to deal with the unpredictable. Thanks to many hours of practice, pilots are able to land at a state-of-the-art airport as well as make an emergency landing on water.

We provide simulations – simulators for organizations. We recreate real-life challenges which employees have to cope with on a daily basis and we take a few steps more – we translate simulations, which reflect real-life situations, into games.

Games motivate people to make decisions. They combine cooperation with rivalry, define clear goals and rule-based activities, and thus provide the means to achieve gaming mastery. When gamers are fully immersed in a task they enter the so-called ‘flow’ state. Gamers are intellectually and emotionally engaged and receive instant feedback about the right and wrong decisions they have taken.


From the world of games to the world of work

Quick self-improvement

Playing is a logical process where the aim is to achieve the best possible score and to constantly improve towards the ultimate goal of becoming the gaming master.

  • Clear goals, principles and rules of the game
  • Eliminating the easiest solutions
  • Attaining greater levels of difficulty
  • Instant and clear feedback
  • Learning from mistakes and trial & error experimentation
  • Taking decisions under pressure
  • Emotionally engaging process
  • Creativity problem solving
  • Risk assessment of your and other team members decisions
  • Prediction and scenario planning


  • Training programs – designed to enhance team collaboration and team management skills
  • HR business processes – a workshop tool for communicating changes and engaging employees in their implementation
  • Team building – held during company events to boost employee motivation and reinforce good relations
  • Interventions – one-off meetings to address difficult situations within the team
  • Functional HR tasks – games designed to reflect and reinforce the knowledge, values, attitudes and behaviors expected in your organization (also available as an online game)
  • Competencies diagnostics – a tool to support the assessment and development of teams and their leaders
  • Social education – thematic games designed to promote knowledge, citizenship, and processes of public and legislative consultations