Welcome to Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych

Pracownia was created in w 2004 in order to help companies and organizations overcome management challenges with training games and simulations. Our mission is to trigger, with the help of games and simulations, change in people, teams, organizations and public life.

We have blazed a trail in the Polish training games market. We have expanded our activities and are present in the European and American markets. Our solutions have been used by companies both from the private and public industries, NGO, public administration, companies, foundations and associations.

From the beginning we have been operating at the interface between business and science and collaborating with leading international experts; they are the source of our inspirations and  good practice patterns that we use to design one of the most efficient training tools worldwide.

Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych’s Team

Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych has its own team of trainers certified to conduct training, workshops and meetings with the games and simulations method. It includes trainers with business and management experience from large organizatios, marketing, HR and finance experts.

Our team of trainers is specialized in working with large training groups. Additionally, we collaborate with actors, journalists and brand coaches within the frame of trainings related to business and public presentations.

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