Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych was created in 2004 as the first supplier in Poland of training programs based on business games and simulations. Since then over 50 000 people have played with Pracownią Gier Szkoleniowych all over the world – from Mexico, through Brazil, Thailand, Croatia to Hungary, Czech Republic and many others. We create modern development programs for managers, leaders, specialists, board members and top management. We also offer our help with meeting gamification and integration Events for whole companies, including large groups of up to 2000 people.
We are the biggest supplier of training tools and services based on games and simulations in the Polish market. We have designed games for the largest global brands. Our business simulations are used in prestigious MBA programs. We have worked with international institutions and public administration. All our services can be delivered both in Polish and English.

Know How

We combine contemporary tools with scientific theories, intelligent entertainment with ambitious games and unique technologies with precise business goals. We offer the largest portfolio of training games in Poland – over 60 games and simulations which illustrate contemporary organizational challenges. Games we have designed as well as with international licenses. We design games basing on international recognized methodology standards. We offer training and debriefing models combined with recognized organization and management concepts. We collaborate with over 30 experienced consultants, business experts, trainers and game designers who create development trainings with games within the frame of Certificated Development Program.


We have been rewarded in prestigious international Game Design Competitions in 2009 and 2010 ( „Strike Fighter”, „The Matter of Time”). We have been present in the board of the International Simulations and Games Association (ISAGA). We collaborate with partners on 5 continents. In 2010 we gained the title of „The Innovative Company (OCDE and Economy Ministry), in 2011 –the second prize in the Mazovian Innovator tournament. Our game - The Tree of Life -was rewarded in 2017 in MP Power Awards in the Product category as the most interesting solution for large events. The AutoKOREKTA game was rewarded for its Most Significant Scope in BEX International Business Learning Games Awards organized by Business Excellence Institute. In 2018 Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka - Method and Quality Director in Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych – received the Meeting planner – team building/outdoor reward.

Our Brands

In 2011 we launched the Experience Corner brand – the first in Poland shop with games and interactive tools for trainers, coaches and educators.
In 2015 we completed the project on a competence measurement method based on on-line games called Competence Game. We have co-created a new category of tools – competence games. Our Competence Game has been recognized as the first competent, reliable and accurate virtual assessment.
In 2018 we opened in Warsaw the first Experience Corner showroom and started the first edition of an annual leaders development program - Game Changers Academy. Game Changers Academy is a program that supports efficient implementation and introduction of change in organizations. It is a project realized in collaboration with The Heart.
What we do?


Mapa produktów
Managerial trainings and development processes
With the help of games and simulations we assist people in the development and improvement of their collaboration skills within teams. Trainings help them attain higher levels of competence and achieve better results.
Teambuilding and training meetings
We conduct company meetings with games to combine fun with the company’s business goals. With games we inform, train and talk about change to engage teams in an innovative and attractive manner.
Non-business education
We support public administration, organizations and NGO’s in the development of collaboration skills, promotion of civil knowledge and people’s engagement in social life.
Game design
In our customized games we engage in learning and change processes. We design modern educational tools which help organizations explain, motivate and teach their staff how to achieve business goals.


24-25 stycznia 2019
VI Konferencja Zarządzanie Zespołami It
31 sierpień 2019
Teambuildingowe warsztaty pt. „Pracownia współpracy”
Test nowej gry oraz warsztatów – „Pracownia współpracy”.
6-7 luty 2019
Myślenie strategiczne i orientacja w biznesie
Jedyna i niepowtarzalna okazja by wziąć udział w naszym dwudniowym warsztacie z grą Profit Quest




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NEW: The Best-seller Game-integration for sales teams
We are pleased to introduce you to a brand-new game that is available in Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych since April- The Best-seller Game. The Best-seller game was created in response to the needs of clients who were bored with the current solutions dedicated to the sales teams. We decided to come up with a training game that can be played in small groups (5 or 6 people) as well as in bigger teams (40 or even over a 100 participants). The Best-seller game will not only be...


With the help of games and simulations we trigger change in people and organizations

We design top of the art training, educational and integration experience based on games and simulations method which are meant to assist organizations in change processes and competence development programs. We immerse people in the game experience so that they can improve their individual skills In the atmosphere of fun and engagement The reality of the organization becomes more understandable, goals – achievable and the range of possible actions to be undertaken individually or as a team is considerably  enlarged.



In January 2019 PGS Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych started a EU-funded transnational project in collaboration with TU DELFT. The project – called ‘The Collaborative Office’ is a comprehensive program developing cooperation of civil servants and EU funds beneficiaries – is addressed to one of the regional EU funding and implementing institutions in Poland – the Mazovian Unit for EU Programs Implementation. The project aims at the development of key 21-st century competences, reducing communication barriers, fostering effective time management, improving communication. The project involves the design and implementation of simulation-based workshops addressed to civil servants and EU funds beneficiaries.

The project final product will be a set of 4 comprehensive training solutions based on modern and interactive training methods). The project will include 385 people (350 MJWPU employees and 35 beneficiaries)

EU contribution: 1 284 120,54 PLN.