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On March 14-18 2016 the fourth edition of Meeting Week Poland will be held at the National Stadium. It is one of the most important meetings promoting the Polish industry of event managers.meetingsweek
The meetings is co-organized by companies representing the event industry in Poland: Event Industry Association, ‘Conferences and Congresses in Poland’, Meeting Professionals International (MPI Poland), SOIT, Site Poland, Poland Convention Bureau POT, Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, The Warsaw Voice magazine and the portal Meetingplanner.pl.
The Tourism department of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism is the strategic partner of the meeting.

sbeThe motto of the second day of the meeting (15th of March), organized by the Event Industry Association, is “Passion, emotions, power – how to survive in the event management world and where to find the strength to act”.

Pracownia Gier has been invited to conduct on this day a workshop based on games and simulations. It will be a unique opportunity to train out of the box thinking and search for innovative solutions that can be offered to clients. The workshop is called “How to survive in the event industry? Offer to your clients what they really need”.
Besides the personal experience we hope to inspire participants from the industry to be more daring and include games and simulations in their portfolio. We know from experience that clients, when organizing company meetings, want them to be more than just fun for their employees. They are looking for new solutions meeting their need of good but also intelligent entertainment that raises the awareness about the importance of cooperation and of joining forces to achieve goals.
Games and simulations, combined with appropriate and adjusted to the situation debriefing are ideal for this.
Come and play with us!

Program of the meeting


logo-main On February 10th started the Lenten Lamentations/New Epiphanies Festival (the 7th interdisciplinary Easter Festival).
The programme of the festival was drawn so that it reveals the abundance of our spiritual culture by combining traditional spectacles with modern theatrical forms: installations by Igor Gorzkowski and Mirek Kaczmarek, Mikołaj Mikołajczyk’s drama in which the community of Zakrzew is engaged, paratheatrical events and performances by Jarosław Tumidajski and Supermarket Group.
Pracownia Gier has been invited to cooperate with Supermarket Group in the preparation of the performance Lenten Lamentations.
Artists along with the audience will take a closer look at our choices – the insignificant ones as well as the most important and final decisions – and reflect on the question if we really are the architects of our own fortunes and whether there are questions that can be left unanswered and decisions unmade.
The series of dilemmas that the audience will have to face as well as their decisions will influence the destiny of one of the heroes of the play. There is a clue – a person with a pure heart will play an important role. If you want to learn more, visit Teatr Ochota on March 5th. It will certainly be a very moving and memorable experience.

supermarketGrupa Supermarket (transformed in 2005 from Warszawska Grupa Teatralna) consists of Jakub Kamieński, Redbad Klijnstra and Łukasz Czapski as well as a group of artists from Warsaw and Wrocław. They like to call themselves ‘artistic commando or a high artistic risk collectivity. They are focused on asking questions and encouraging the audience of their drama-actions to search for answers.

Welcome to Teatr Ochoty, 5th of march 2016, at 20:00

Lenten Lamentations Festival will finish on 20th of March 2016. The festival programme


Pracownia Gier has been awarded the first prize in the competition organized by HRstandard.pl during Warsaw Recruitment Days (WDR). It has been the third edition of the HR Heroes completion. Prizes were distributed on February 18th. We feel very honoured as in this particular category applications were sent by business partners.
The verdict reads:

„My choice was mainly caused by PGS activities to promote and develop modern tools supporting HR departments in diagnostic, recruitment and development processes. The diagnostic and recruitment processes are of key importance for companies and that’s why a thorough evaluation of competences must be based on reliable and additionally attractive tools. Standard solutions such as paper and pencil seem more and more outdated. The future lies in innovations and internet tools eagerly used by the young generation.”

Congratulations to all nominees and prize winners in other categories!

Full list of nominees and prize winners in all categories


wdr logoThe conference Warsaw Recruitment Days will be held for the 5th time on February 18t-19th. It is the most important event in Poland dedicated to the subject of new technologies and solutions applied in HR and Employer Branding. The conference is organized by HRstandard.pl.

A special report on The Future of HR Tools will be presented, among others, during the conference. Joanna Srednicka from Pracownia Gier has contributed to the report and written a paper on the application of on-line games in competence diagnosis. During a discussion panel, experts and HR practitioners will have the opportunity to comment on the results of the report and discuss the possibility of competence games replacing, in future, expensive solutions such as AC/DC.

Participants of the conference have the choice between 3 topics: new technologies, new HR forms and Employer Branding. Representatives of such companies as: Microsoft, Orange, E&Y Polska, Shell and many others will appear at the conference as speakers.
The first day of the conference will end with the announcement of the winners of the contest – “HR Heroes”.


On the second day of the conference, from 12.30, we invite participants to take part in a huge game called Tree of Life. Why huge? Because it is played simultaneously by over 120 participants. Players, starting from the level of last universal common ancestor (LUCA) will try to reach the highest levels on the evolution ladder. The success and victory in the game depend on cooperation skills and engagement of all team members to achieve their goal….

logo200Additional rewards will be waiting for all those who enroll for the second day of the conference. They will have a unique opportunity to check their competences with Archipelago Competence Game. Archipelagois the first of a series of online competence games designed by Pracownia Gier. On the completion of the game each person will receive an individual report with the description of his/her competences and development guidelines.

Check the programme of conference


Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych has been invited to conduct a workshop for participants of the second UN Winter School held in Thailand and dedicated to the subject of sustainable consumption and production in Asia and the pacific. The school starts on January 17th and is going to last two weeks. Participants are young leaders – future decision-makers – from developing countries of the region.
The objective of the meeting is to improve the knowledge of future decision makers in the area of Sustainable Consumption and Production and thus contribute to the design and implementation of policies, business models and practices that can promote sustainable resource management.
The two-week program includes lectures as well as practical workshops. Within the frame of the workshops Joanna Średnicka and Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka are going to play HEXGame. The game wasn’t chosen randomly as HEXGame was developed in 1976 under UNESCO sponsorship by a team of scientists led by Richard D. Duke in response to an urgent need to educate management staff in the public and private sector in Ghana. It was part of a UNESCO programme supporting under-developed countries in their growth and attempt to solve their dramatic social and economic problems.
Winter school participants will have the opportunity to take part in a very engaging experience of country management. They will have to negotiate on different authority levels and deal with local crises as well as social discontent.

Read more about UN Winter School on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Asia and the Pacific


While searching recently new training solutions for our clients, we have taken into account questions that they most often ask:

  • How to make cooperation within a team easier?
  • How to make people use fully their potential as well as take advantage of the knowledge and experience of their colleagues?
  • How to teach people something and what’s more inspire them by means of training experience to change their habits?
  • How to engage people in the change of the way they usually do things?
  • And how to achieve it without taking them away from their work for a full day? And so that results can be seen quickly.

We have succeeded in finding a method of work that meets all the above mentioned challenges – it is the Brown Bag training.

What is the Brown Bag training?

torba1It is a short but very intense meeting held in 2-week cycles, which consists in 90% of practical tasks. They trigger and consolidate participants’ change of their habits and behaviours. They lead to the achievement of a real goal which can be measured with indicators established with the client. During the time just a little longer than a lunch break employees get to know better themselves and their colleagues and work out attitudes that match their role in the organization and business reality.

Brown Bag history

The idea of Brown Bag was born from the need to transfer knowledge in a quick and informal way, for example during a lunch break. It is a very popular training method in the USA – both in companies and universities. The name Brown Bag refers to the paper bag in which snacks or sandwiches are packed.

Why is this training efficient?

  • We enable participants to experience cooperation that makes the execution of tasks easier and provides satisfaction.
  • We work with Solution Focus Approach tools, which means that we concentrate on participants’ strengths and it helps us to uncover latent resources residing in the team.
  • We provide enough time to acquire a new habit as our work with the team consists of 4 meetings. Each meeting, which is held every two weeks, lasts 3 hours.
  • We do not waste time, energy or money. We work in the client’s office, take only 3 hours of employees’ time and we bring sandwiches with us :)

Trainings in the Brown Bag series:

top manager cz

ORGANIZATION MANAGING TEAM – for teams of managers overloaded at work and who dream of improving their subordinates’ activities and reduce their personal costs.
A plan of actions to be taken in order to improve cooperation along with the verification of the first steps. A better collaboration within the managing team.


lider w zmianie2 czLEADER IN CHANGE – for managers responsible for the implementation of changes and who have to face the challenge of engaging people from their teams as well as allies dispersed in the organization in the process of change.
Openness to change, readiness to engage others, action plan.


zespol 2 czTHE TEAM – for interdepartmental teams and goal-oriented teams who should be shooting at the same target but sometimes play it individual.
New and fresh ideas for a better cooperation determined in the form of concrete activities. More efficient collaboration.


zespol w zmianie cz

TEAM IN CHANGE – for teams that undergo change and those who should be prepared for some change..
Greater openness to change. New and fresh ideas for a better cooperation determined in the form of concrete activities.


If you want to learn more on the Brown Bag training, contact us:

+48 22 468 85 52


CCIFPWe are glad to inform you that Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych has become member of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce. We hope that it will lead to interesting projects in Poland and abroad.
The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce was created in April 1994 on French entrepreneurs own initiative.
CCIFP counts 440 companies with French and Polish capital and it is one of the most active bilateral chambers operating in Poland. Its goal is to participate in the creation of a favourable environment for the development of investments and economic undertakings in Poland. CCIFP is also a cooperation platform used for the exchange of business experience among entrepreneurs and promotion of best business practices.




Within the frame of the International Evaluation Year another conference was held on this subject, this time in Chicago, USA. The main idea of the conference refers to the multicultural aspect of evaluation, Participants will have the possibility to hear about examples of evaluation from all around the world – their cultural specificity, evaluation methods, theories applied as well as current studies. By analyzing the best examples of evaluation one will be able to determine the factors that influence the successful outcome of the evaluation process. Organizers would like to inspire participants to use and exchange their experience and practice the best solutions that have proven efficient.
Program of the conference 

brokerzy wiedzyDuring the conference Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych will conduct a workshop based on the simulation Knowledge Brokers. The game has been designed in cooperation with a specialist in the field of evaluation and analysis – EGO company – as a response to the challenge that evaluation units have often to face to, i.e. how to manage broad knowledge flow resulting from evaluations in order to use them to support decision-makers and managers in their rational public activities and undertakings.

Knowledge Brokers workshop, 10th of November (Tuesday), 9.00 – 16.00.

Conducting the workshop:
Karol Olejniczak – EGO
Joanna Średnicka – Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych
Łukasz Kozak – Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych



koferencjaThe year 2015 has been declared as International Year of Evaluation. For over 10 years Poland has been very active in this area. Poland’s activities have resulted in numerous reports (over 900 evaluation surveys), development of the evaluation methodology and public intervention, creation of a group of experts as well as a network of dynamic evaluation units engaged in the development of evidence-based public management culture. What’s still missing is the application of this knowledge in the process of public intervention The challenge we are facing now is how to manage the substantial knowledge from evaluations to use them efficiently in supporting decision-makers and managers in rational public activities.

Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych, in collaboration with an expert in the field of evaluation and analyses EGO company – has designed a game called ‘Knowledge Brokers’ aimed at helping analytical and evaluation units employees as well as public projects managers to answer the following questions:

  • What information and knowledge do decision-makers need at a given phase of program implementation?
  • How to find reliable information in the overwhelming amount of data, analyses and evaluations?
  • How to convert experience resulting from a particular evaluation into broader knowledge about efficient public policy?
  • How to reach decision-makers with evaluation results?

Participants of the 11th Evaluation Conference, which took place in Cracow on 28th and 29th of September, could participate in a workshop based on the simulation game Knowledge Brokers and experience in practice the challenges such as the acquisition of reliable and useful knowledge and conveying it to decision-makers. The workshop was conducted by: Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka from Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych and Karol Olejniczak from EGO.



Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych in cooperation with Karol Olejniczak from EGO – Evaluation for Government Organizations – has designed a game called Knowledge Brokers. The simulation is addressed to public administration representatives. Its goal is to improve the process of preparing and transmitting research reports drawn up for the need of ministries and local units. On February 20th the game was played by the University of Warsaw students as a form of test to complete the course on ‘Organization and management theory and practice in the public sector’.

In the Knowledge Brokers game participants become members of a team managing an evaluation unit. Their task is to analyze the current status of 4 undertakings in progress and prepare reports related to given inquiries. The challenge is to prepare the reports on the basis of adequate research plans and address them to appropriate recipients in the required form. The final objective is to lead to decisions being made mainly on knowledge and reliable data and not on decision-makers’ intuition.
During the game participants learn how to adapt research plans to given problems and get to know decision makers’ preferences related to the form how knowledge is transferred. Skills acquired during the game can be useful and help participants prepare reports in real-life situations.

See photos